Goodreads to the rescue!

So if you get to go to any of my book events (see Events) and buy a book, or if you pre-order it (home page), or whatever, here’s an ask: Can you go to Goodreads and review it?

This is amazingly helpful, I’m told.

I’ve been pretty dumb about this stuff. I always figured: I write the book, my job is done. Not so much. So I’m learning about this-here marketing stuff as I go along.

(That whoosh you just heard is the collective eye-roll of every other writer in Oregon, wondering what took me to long to get on the bandwagon.)

I’ve been a Goodreads fan for some time and I post pretty regular reviews of other writers. Mostly, I do it for fellow readers. Here’s a review I did a while back of Meg Gardiner’s “Into the Black Nowhere.” (Which, if you’re not reading her Caitlin Hendrix series, c’mon. Really?)

If you get a chance to post a review of anyone’s book — there or at any other service — authors always note that and are grateful. It’s the simplest way I know to connect with a writer. Try it.

Book launch: T-minus 9 days and counting!



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