Who Put the Laughter in Slaughter?

Standing room only at Annie’s! (Photo by Zane Sparling)

Standing room only at Annie’s! (Photo by Zane Sparling)

Book launch at Annie Bloom’s!

Wow, what a great event. Standing room only, and the bookstore sold out! If you were there and didn’t get a book, Annie’s is great about ordering books for customers. (As luck would have it, the new Phil Margolin novel, “The perfect Alibi,” was waiting for me when I got there!)

You also can order books from the homepage of this website.

I want to thank everyone who came out to hear me blather! I’m really so excited about this book, and it was a pretty special moment to share it with everyone. Katy King made a wonderful bartender! As always, the staff at Annie Bloom’s just rocks big-time.

Check out the Events page of this site for upcoming appearances.

Thanks everyone!

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