Thank pod!

I received a terrific podcast interview with mystery lover Mark Combs. His show is called “Public Display of Imagination,” and it’s really great!

In a little over an hour, Mark talked to me about the writing process, about my earlier books, about who else I’m reading and recommending and, of course, about “St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking.”


I met Mark and his wife Kathy at Thrillerfest in New York City in July. One of the things I talked about at a panel discussion was casting your novel from the very beginning; finding actors, family, friends, whomever, who you’d like to “play” the roles. It’s a good trick for writing dialogue. As I said in New York, if you cast Krysten Ritter (“Marvel’s Jessica Jones”) in a role, you’d write dialogue one way for her. But if you cast Helen Mirren (a million movies), you’d write the dialogue much differently. “Casting” the first draft is a great way to differentiate the dialogue. 

So that’s in this interview, along with a lot more. Mark is very good at making his guests comfortable. It’s a great interview. Check it out. 

If you want to hear his other podcast interviews, they’re listed on his site, too. Here are his Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well.