KOIN of the realm

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I got this excellent TV interview and podcast by Jenny Hansson of KOIN 6 news. She did a terrific job, asking me about “St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking,” my past novels, my work as managing editor of the Portland Tribune, and my former job as communications director and speechwriter for the mayor of Portland.

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I’m a lifelong journalist. I love to see really good interviewers at work. Jenny is a pro. She managed to get the funniest anecdotes out of me. (Did I really call City Hall a loony bin? Yes. Yes, I did.) And anchor Ken Boddie threw me a nice compliment on air, too. I’ve known Ken for ages. Kudos from a guy who’s been in the business that long really means something.

The cinematographer, Forrest Nguyen, did a terrific job as well.

When KOIN began operating in 1953, it was connected to a paper called The Portland News, and the KOIN call letters stood for Know Oregon’s Independent Newspaper. Nice to know they’re still a news partner of my paper, the Portland Tribune. The more things change…

Dana Haynes